1. NSS management HAS NOT implemented an insurance policy, it’s the NATIONAL SERVICE PERSONNEL ASSOCIATION- NASPA( the official month piece for all National service personnel) NSS management are only facilitators. It came out of a resolution from NASPA congress on 25th may 2017

2. We pay 58,000 NSPs and not 100,000 as been thrown around

3. There is another false impression been circulated that personnel are to pay 15ghc a month for just for the insurance, this is totally false. The package is a composite package consisting of
a. insurance policy
b. media and telecommunications package

c.flexible loan arrangement.

5. The NSP under the media and telecommunication package recieves:
-5ghc airtime monthly
-500MB of browsing data
– free calls among all personnel
– free 500 SMS,
–free access to WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.
-Every airtime you buy is also doubled.

The Loan Arrangement
6. A loan facility of 500ghc or more payable within 6 months.

– Personnel get 15,000ghc Incase of death
– personnel get 15000ghc in instances of permanent disability
– 3000ghc for temporal disability.

3. lead insurance company is Glico life. Companies like Enterprise life, Vanguard life Star life, GN life and Quality life.

It is important to state that national service personnel are NOT covered by any insurance policy but are exposed to varied levels of dangers and hazards in their line of duty.

We have recorded several instances of fatal injuries resulting in permanent disability, temporal disability and some instances death and it is believed that NSP should not be made to go through this fatalities whiles serving thier country.