Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has said Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s response to ex President John Mahama following the latter’s tagging of the National Digital Address system as 419 scam was not ‘biting’ enough.

According to him, after Mr Mahama’s criminalized the project without providing any evidence to back his case, Vice President Bawumia should have come in even more harder on Mr Mahama.

Ex President Mahama while addressing a teeming crowd of NDC supporters in Cape Coast on Sunday mocked the digital address system which is being led by he [Bawumia] describing it as a 419 scam.

He urged government to hold someone accountable for paying for a service that is available on mobile phones already through google map.

“….Otherwise, how can you launch a whopping GPS system that is freely available on our mobile phones and say it is the best national addressing system?… It’s such a pity. Why would you embarrass the president so much?” Mahama noted.

However responding to the comments, on Monday November 6, the Vice President described the erstwhile John Mahama government as a representation of a 419 scam.

He said after reading Mr. Mahama’s reasoning for such a description, it was evident to him that the latter has no clue about what he was talking about and was just engaged in parroting propaganda.

Dr Bawumia following his response has come under heavy flak from a section of the public including a political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, who said the Vice President’s “ballistic” reaction was uncalled for.

But Abdul Malik Kweku Baako while commenting on the matter on Peace FM Wednesday disagreed with such persons, adding that Dr Bawumia’s reaction was apt.

“To be honest I’ve read what he said and I see no problem with it. I ask myself what is going on here, Bawumia’s critics should rather impose a code of silence on him. To say the project is 419 that means you’ve criminalized it, meanwhile you’ve not given any evidence that there’s been any criminality in the enterprise and when a sitting vice President reacts in this manner, we’re told he’s insulting someone. What did he say that was indecent? What Bawumia said is it not an exposure of allegations which came up during the Mahama regime, I don’t see why people are worried to be honest with you, I saw nothing wrong with Bawumia’s reaction, it was perfect.”