Rapper Edem says his talent and creativity does not get the deserved recognition because he is from the Volta Region.

He shared his sentiments with Lexis Bill on JOY FM during an interview.

“We’ve signed deals before where I was the least paid because I am from Volta Region and they pass comments like ‘your place is not big.”

He mentioned that being a nation of Volta Region has had a negative effect on his career, and also the development of the region.

I feel underrated, at a point I feel we are doing much more than we are credited for…I’ve been marginalised but it just doesn’t get to me,” stressed Edem. “Companies don’t want to go to my Region. “You’ve never seen Mentor go to my Region to do talent search, you’ve never seen Stars of the Future scout anybody in my Region.”

He believes however that dialogue will go a long way in helping “people change their perception.”  

He also spoke about what he believes the people in Volta Region need.

“So with this platform, Mr President, I want you to build a stadium in my Region. It’s quite important when I go to Volta Region, I don’t have a stadium for my people to play football so President Akufo-Addo, my name is Edem I need you to build a stadium in my region,”