Maverick legal practitioner, Dr Maurice Ampaw has revealed that the Chief Executive Officer of EIB Networks and celebrated radio presenters, Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi aka Bola Ray can never interview him on radio.

According him, Bola Ray is afraid to invite him to his award winning personality profile show, Starr Chat on Starr FM.

“Bola Ray invites people to his ‘Personality Profile show, he’s afraid to call me to that show, he just can’t interview me, he knows the kind of bombs that I’ll throw. Bola Ray and I are buddies, there’re so many things between us so it will be very difficult for Bola Ray to interview. In Ghana there are only two people who can’t interview me, Kwami Sefa Kayi and Bola Ray. The respect we have for ourselves is too much. My issues come up in the media, I make very controversial statements, I throw bombshells, have you ever heard them comment on anything about me, no, they’ll not because they not what I stand for. They know me, they know I’m real, these two gentlemen it will be very difficult to talk about me.” Dr Maurice Ampaw told Gatuso on Aben Wo Ha on Kasapa FM Monday.

Dr Maurice Ampaw is known for his controversial statements on social and showbiz related issues, which usually gets him coming under heavy flak from a section of the public.

He’s lectured for exactly 13 years of his life in five different tertiary institutions including Central University, All Nations University, Meridian Pre-University, Trans-Africa College, Regent University and at the Ghana Institute of Journalism where he taught for a short period of time.