A meeting between aggrieved workers of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital and their beleaguered Medical Director has ended inconclusively.

The angry workers who are on a sit down strike, are now accusing Dr Eugene Dordoye of threatening to resume work.

He’s also incurred the workers wrath after questioning the use of a letterhead of the Psychiatric Nurses Association to write to the hospital outlining the road map for their strike.

This has angered the staff to send another letter to the Minister of Health for the removal of their boss.

The health workers are incensed over the Minister of Health refusal to sack Dr Eugene Dordoye whom they accuse of being corrupt and lack proper managerial skills.

The angry nurses claim they’ve been prevented from demonstrating at the hospital to register their displeasure over the leadership style of their director.

They accuse Dr Dordoye of intimidation, harassment and victimization among others.

The Nurses further accuse him of attacking them verbally and violating their rights. In one instance, they allege that their boss punished a nurse who was absent because she had been given an excuse duty after suffering an asthma attack.