Clothes are important to every person as it protects them from the weather and covers their nudity. What material a dress is made up of depends on several factors chiefly the weather and personal taste.

But a designer in the Democratic Republic of Congo is blending the basic element of clothing with anti-AIDS activism. The BBC Africa Live Page on Tuesday reported on a dress made on condoms.

Even though they are not for sale, designer Felicite Luwungu says it was her own small way of contributing to opening the debate about safe sex in the country.

I lost a few members of my family to HIV. I also wanted to do my bit to highlight the need to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV,” she said.

There are two major variations of the condom-based attires. One combines a series of condoms stuck on top of each other, whiles the other is made up of condom packs ‘woven’ in the same manner.

Her creation has split public opinion in the largely conservative society with a number of people condemning it whiles others are celebrating her ingenuity and passion in seeking to raise awareness about safe sex.

Photo: Courtesy BBC Africa LIVE page