President of Groupe Ideal, Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani has blamed the lack of development and economic prosperity on the African continent on its leaders claiming the most African Leaders fail to think.

According to Dr. Kotei Dzani, Africa was alarmingly behind in development compared to the West due to the failure of African Leaders to prioritise developments that will impact its citizens and help push the country forward.

“Our governments keep on failing us. Today I had the opportunity to speak at AUCC and I said African leaders are not thinkers,” Dr. Kotei Dzani said while addressing an audience at this year’s Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Presidential Ball.

“Africa is behind with the new economic growth across the globe. And some of us are concerned about what we [will] do in order to move our continent from poverty. Our governments keep on failing us.

“I get thousands of calls asking why I say African leaders are not thinkers, but I did not say all African leaders are not thinkers. I said African leaders are not thinkers because majority of African Leaders are not thinkers,” he added.
Dr. Kotei Dzani explained that most African Leaders are selfish and syphon state funds for personal gains. He also took a swipe at African Leader who hold on to power till they are forced out saying that they are examples of authorities in governance who don’t think about their nation’s growth.

“If African leaders are thinkers they will not steal our money and go and put it in Swiss accounts. And if African leaders are thinkers, they will not be in power until we use guns to remove them and in the process destroy state asserts.

“You look at our continent and the kind of resources we have as a continent we should not be experiencing this level of poverty but what do we do, what do we see? African leaders unfortunately take decisions that will make then win an election rather than improve the lives of the people and then those who find themselves at minority also oppose decisions of governments that will make the government win an election.

“So ask yourselves that are these people honest with us, across the continent. It saddens me. We need to know where we are moving to and what we want to achieve, rather than everybody coming and deciding what they want to do. We cannot develop like that. Somebody has started a road and the person is not in power and then somebody comes and says I am not interested in that road,” he added.

The President of Groupe Ideal was on Saturday honoured by CIMG group as a fellow member.