I have read the full statement from the ministry of tourism,Arts and culture and largely from the minister Catherine Ablema Afeku in an attempt to reply to the story done by www.entertainmentgh.com (my very good friend Arnold Asamoh Baidoo). I would have been happy if the ministry statement was just a line to clear the air on a question the story wanted to ask. The headline was ” She Left the Job? Prez Akuffo Addo’s daughter Abandons job at Creative Arts council? “

I believe we all understand how careful and cautious journalism/journalist write their stories (we not here for journalism tution). notwithstanding that I want to attempt to address some issues raised by the ministry/minister

1- ln an attempt to set the records straight ,the ministry used words that politicians use anytime ….” Mere false allegations by some faceless and mischievous groups or individuals bent on tarnishing the image of the president’s daughter who is the director of creative Arts council” . Firstly no one is bent on tarnishing the image of the president daughter and I don’t think anyone in the creative industry will want to spend time in tarnishing the image of Ms Gyankroma.The ministry should know that there are no faceless and mischievous groups or individuals in the creative industry. The story the ministry is reacting to and individuals subsequently wrote/comment / articles were done by known people of which they exist and can be located in this country. What has a story got to do with such words from the ministry and creating the impression that one is hiding behind pen names ;no and never !!. Please check your language.

2- The statement further said in December 2017 minster cautioned the various heads and agencies under her ministry to eschew laziness and lackadaisical attitude to help move the aspirations and vision of president……what has this statement got to do with the with the story in question? Has anyone imply laziness and lackadaisical attitude from anyone? Hmmmm …..won’t go far .

3- The statement attempted to create the impression that creative Arts sector covers broader area and apart from music ,theatre Arts ,Drama and fashion…funny enough the ministry lost track by not addressing the issue. It said ” Ms Gyankroma is working hard to revive the lesser known creative Art areas such as painting , drawing, poetry, beads manufacturing, textile Designs among others . The prime focus, position and duties of Ms Gyankroma is the director of creative Arts Council and her prime duties is to help set up the right framework for the council, select rest of council members,set up a five member governing board of industry experts and their mandate was 3months . Has she geared off that and now doing other things (painting, drawing) . If indeed she is on with that then why hasn’t she been acknowledge as such because on December 8 2017 a story written by my own brother kwame Dadzie on citifmonline.com with the headline “creative Arts not just music and movies- minister. Minister spoke with one Kofi Asante aka DJ worshipper of A1 radio in Bolgatanga. Minister said ” people are underestimating to think it’s all about singing and acting just because of our limited imagination.the creative Arts industry includes people drawing, people in fashion, sculpture and many other sectors….. I was thinking madam minister would have recognized and acknowledge the lovely work of Ms Gyankroma within that space but it never happened, if indeed there is so much work going on in that area to revive it . Ghana Association of Visual Artist I salute you guys .

4- ideally Ms Gyankroma works at the creative Arts council which has a president and a secretary; why did the council not respond but rather the ministry.

5- – my last on this issue is that ,so many issues/questions have been raised within the sector and the ministry has never boarded to answer (or still faceless people and mischievous groups or individuals) . Issues of

* – how effective the mandate given to the council has been

*- the issue of illegality of the creation of the council

*- if ministry was aware of CAF awards ceremony and the brouhaha

*- update of the creative industry since it’s been one year .

*- the formation of the NCC board

*- The board for film Authority .
And many more just to mention a few .

Minsitry of Tourism, Arts and culture you got work to do.

I rest my case .