Commercial Taxi Drivers Association has raised concerns against UBER for using private cars in doing their transport services which they say is against the laws of Ghana (Li 2180 regulation 130).

In a letter dated 11th January, 2018, the association tasked the Ministry of Transport to alert the UBER Company to commercialize their cars into taxi by spraying their four wings and change the number plates into yellow.

The letter also called on the Ghana Police Service (MTTD) to arrest any car in the name of UBER which has not been branded yet rendering services in the community.

Uber launched its operations in Ghana last two years and the base fare for the Uber service has been pegged at GHS 1.70 plus GHS 1.30 per kilometer and GHS 19 pesewas per minute. The minimum fare for the service is GHS 5 and it will cost you GHS 5 if you cancel a booking.

Below is the full letter;