Ghanaian music legend, Kojo Antwi, known popularly as the Mr. Music Man has revealed that, he would not have being successful as a musician without his dreadlocks.

“My band I started playing music with, toured places with reggae music and that is where the inspiration came from…”, the Tom & Jerry hit maker stated.

“My little research thought me that, Rastafarians were slaves who became Africans and also wanted to be identified as Africans, hence they served Africa as their god, that is how come you visit America and you see pastors who are Rastafarians, it has some spiritually in there, it is our culture”, the music maestro said on Peace FM.

Pushed further on what will make him do away his dreadlocks, Kojo Antwi said, “it has become part of me, it serves as my pillow when I go to bed…..nothing will make me do away with my dread, I believe everyone has something that represents his/her strength and for me, mine is the rasta”, he concluded.