The founder and leader of the Great Light Worship Centre, located at Weija Junction, Seer Tony Asamoah Boateng, aka ‘Apae Live’ has refuted rumours claiming he had an amorous relationship with gospel artiste Pieisie Esther.

The man of God said, he was eager to invest into her music career considering Piesie’s humility.

According to Apae Live, the gospel artiste who is married with three kids served him and his wife when they took her in at the age of 14 years.

Narrating how Piesie Esther came to live with his family in Accra, the Prophet said it was through Georgia Agyei.

But unfortunately, Georgia Agyei, the composer of the hit song ‘Ebenezer’ left the Boateng family to pursue other interest.

Apae Live reported that Georgia Agyei tried to persuade Piesie Esther so she can join her to follow same interest but the ‘Zeba Beko’ hit singer turned down her colleague’s request to join her but rather served under him till she finally got married in 2010.

“If not for my help, Piesie wouldn’t get to where she is now with her music career. Most of her songs were all produced by me because I saw how humble she was and willing to help her. If as a pastor or as a christian you can’t help your fellow christian brother or sister, then why do you label someone who is offering that help as having an affair with the person he is helping.” Apae Live said on SVTV Africa.