The immediate  past Vice President of Ghana, His Excellency  Kwesi Amissah – Arthur  has called on the Finance Minister Mr Ken Ofori Atta as a matter of urgency to assume an ethical moral leadership  in the country.

According to him, the Finance Minister told Ghanaians last year that he has assumed a certain ethical moral leadership in the country in his budget when he quoted the Bible.

“So Ghanaians expect a moral leader to stand up to the demands of moral leadership. So when the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice reports raised administrative issues and other issues such as the timing and the announcement of the bond issuance, that’s a concern for Ghanaians.”

The former Vice President made these remarks when he granted an interview with the press in office on the journey so far and his assessment of the NPP  on the state of the Nations Address and other matters concerning the country.

Mr Amissah Arthur said “issues about potential conflict of interest is a concern for Ghanaians , issues on the report about the assets declaration is a  concern , then about family members who are directors in companies that have benefitted  from  it is  a concern. When issues are raised about the cost of the bond to Ghanaians in the future .it’s a concern.”

The Former Vice said he thought that in all these accusations and investigations, Mr Ofori Atta would rather stand up save his name and say that he’s the moral leader and don’t think that he can justify his behaviour against this level.

He questioned what lessons we are showing to the people of Ghana about the morality of leadership when the President comes and wipes all the findings away and pushes it under the carpet.

HE. Amissah Arthur said he “expected him to say that well, I was so concerned about the debt profile of Ghana that maybe we over extended ourselves to, so we were in such a hurry and didn’t take or was not  mindful of the specific scriptures about it and so on,  then  Ghanaians would say go and sin no more. But no, all that he and his NPP is looking for is technical and legal reasons why  he’s not guilty, but the issues is not about the technicality or the legality for him, it’s about a certain leadership of morality for our country. That’s in respect of the President white washing of the CHRAJ report.”