It was Friday dawn and on my way to work, I had a strange call and after picking up the only thing I could hear was “Oh Ebony, oh Ebony”, I then asked solemnly who was this and what is it?

There was no reply and the line went dead. After an hour, calls had started dropping across the city of Accra area and the sun peeked through thinning clouds, a dull Friday of what looks like first glimmer of hope in a day for the besieged city.

But the news that followed was unpleasant to the eardrum, with the storm doubling back toward Sunyani and battering communities near the Bechem Mankranso and its environs.

The storm began to give up some of its deadly information and it concerns another VIP catastrophe on our roads. The confirmed death toll from the hurricane climbed to 3, including our own and much hyped pretty dancehall and AfroPop sexy singer, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns. Accra went dead and shocked!

Ghana has been plunged into a state of mourning following the death of wonderful queenster, Ebony Reigns and two others on the Kumasi-Sunyani road on Thursday, February 8.

I am in tears whiles putting this pieces together, because I have to come to realize how hypocrite some Ghanaians are, I have thought that by now the ‘Abossey Okai’ chop bar in Accra would have been active describing Ebony’s accident too as a fake and hyping diabolic rave.

When it was Joyce Blessing, we had some unscrupulous gentiles to say all things including some colleagues from the same industry saying it was for hype, some ‘Christofour’ indeed. They wanted her dead so they pay all these tributes.

I am deeply sad and traumatized over what happened to our young but talented Terry Bonchaka, Suzy Williams, Kwame Owusu Ansah, Vybrant Faya among others.

The carnages on our roads is becoming too alarming especially those involving our celebrities. I was told that there was another accident at the same spot where two lives were lost on the same day.

I want to ask this harmless questions, so do we have urban road, highways Authority, MTTD, DCEs, Nananom in this area and what have been their concern? And what is it about V/VVIP and carnage on our roads? Elsewhere forensics and scientific approach is used to find the real course but here in Ghana radio presenters especially the media prefer to call Mallams, Prophets, Juju men and Occultist to seek their opinions, that led to those sudden demise of our Ghanaian celebrities.

Hmmmmmmm my best ever EBONY Rest In Peace Damire fa due……….