Live FM Presenter Vanessa Gyan has earned a major nomination in this year’s Women4Africa Awards in UK.

The hostess of Live from the Capital on Live 91.9FM was nominated in the ‘Woman in Media’ category.

The 7th edition of the annual awards themed ‘The Royal Edition’ is scheduled on Saturday May 19, 2018 in Kensington, London.

Speaking with, Vanessa Gyan expressed excitement about her nomination being the only Ghanaian given the recognition.

“This is my first nomination ever and it means a lot because of the global recognition, not just of Vanessa Gyan but my efforts in The Sincerely, Vee Show and The Sincerely, Vee Foundation. With each I continue to raise awareness to greater causes such as maternal health, while giving individuals the platform to inspire through their own journey.”

Sincerely Vee Foundation is an extension of The Sincerely, Vee show and founded by Radio & TV Host, Vanessa Gyan. It aims to raise awareness and make a difference/impact by dedicating their time on one specific need that the organization feel lacks attention.

Women4africa is a UK registered organisation focused on  celebrating  and empowering  Africa and its women by supporting and  celebrating their role in their communities via Conferences, supporting education and Awarding prestigious awards, recognitions and special honours on such women identified and nominated by the public.

It was birthed from a 20 year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way. Overtime, African women have often been portrayed as victims of poverty, violence, and conflict, amongst other disasters. Beyond advocating and engaging them to fight against these negativities, it is equally important to highlight that African women are also agents of positive change in their communities.

It is their sheer determination, ambition, passion, talent, resourcefulness and drive which often forgotten in the stories of this women that Women for Africa intend to promote. We exist to support and encourage African women to excel in all they do.

Africa has over 53 countries and a large number of women who are unique and different in their own individual ways. Women of all walks of life tend to face a lot of challenges in today’s society.

However, many African women have been great examples of success worldwide promoting peace in conflict-inflicted areas and contributing to the increased resources in their nations.