The nominee for the Office of the Special Procutor, Martin Alamisi Burns Kaiser Amidu, Tuesday, told the Appointments Committee of Parliament that in him as an investigator and public prosecutor, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who nominated him has made the best choice for Ghana.

Should Parliament disagree and rather opt for a different person, he want the legislature to disapprove his nomination.

He told the Committee when he appeared before it for public hearing over his nomination that he is non comparable for the Office of the Special Prosecutor job in terms of investigations and prosecution.

Given an account of a contract he once abrogated during the PNDC regime to buttress his argument, Mr. Amidu said “SIC decided to enter into a contract with Elcom 6 for building of accommodation in Accra. We disapproved it. It was in Kumasi when I was coming from the North that I heard it in the air that the Ministers for Works and Housing and the Chairman, Committee of Secretaries, had inaugurated the Board. When I came, I wrote to the Chairman of the PNDC and told him we hadn’t approved it. A PNDC meeting was called, right? I was able to get the background of the company from the United Kingdom and it showed that the company which was coming to partner the most viable financial institution in Ghana had only £200.00 as stated capital with all the PNDC Secretaries, Committee of Chairman making this thing. That is the job I did”, he noted.

He said as then Chairman, Public Agreements Board, he was the gate keeper against people, ministers and others trying to push through contracts agreements which were not in the national interest.

He further told the Committee that he distinguished himself so creditably that unlike his predecessor who lasted for six moths on the job, he was able to hold on to his position until the country once again entered into constitutional regime.

With his experience in investigations and public prosecution, he said he is the best person for the job, daring the Committee to disapprove his nomination if it prefers a different person to that position.

“If you want anybody who will be meticulous with investigations and prosecutions, the President has made the best choice. But if you want somebody who will look the other way, just disapprove me”, he stressed.