Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Tuesday paid a surprise visit to the Land Title Registration Department of the Lands Commission in Cantonment to familiarize himself with operations of the department and to get first hand information on the major difficulties affecting their work.

He observed that land acquisition and registration in Ghana will soon see a big shake up to bring digital Changes to the Process essentially to arrest the challenges Ghanaians go through to purchase lands.

The Vice President in his address observed that the process of registration of land in Ghana is a big problem. Dr. Bawumia said “we have been living with this problem for years but we are not changing it. It is time for us to change the system. In many countries, land acquisition is key in the development of the country, in Ghana, land is not part of the process in many cases and that does not develop the mortgage market” the Vice President said.

What is Government Proposing To Do?

The Vice President suggested that as part of efforts on the side of government to bring change, a total digital integration of the land acquisition process will soon be initiated. A land conference aimed at bring all stakeholders in the land sector will be held on the 28th of February 2018 to reach a compromise on the way forward for the Land sector of the country. The Land forum will take important decisions in areas such as valuation of property, digitization of property, search processes, and consolidation of records in all land agencies.