The nominee for the position of the Office of the Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Burns Kaiser Amidu, has cautioned all politically exposed persons who have stolen state money and deposited it abroad to get prepared for he is coming after them.

Amidu who is known for his bravery and exploits in the fight against corruption said he will use all available means at his disposal including security intelligence experience he acquired during his tenure as the Minister for the Interior to bring to book culpable politically exposed persons.

“There is an international law on politically exposed persons. If you want to open an account with a certain bank, especially, in the UK and America, they ask you to fill a declaration of consent that if questions are asked about you, the bank is at liberty to provide them. So, Legal and Legal and Legal Assistance gives us an opportunity for those who think they are smart enough to put their monies and go through the Kotoka International Airport because they are exempted from very critical screening and deposit them abroad. We will trace them and then they have to decide whether they will come and pay reparation or bring the money back or we will deal with it. I was once the Minister for the Interior and so I know the security methods of doing it. We will use these methods. So, those who think that they’ve hidden something abroad, maybe, they don’t need to approve me because if they do, I will find it. I have the capability; I have done it before and if you approve me, it will be done”, Mr. Amidu cautioned.

The former Attorney General made this observation when he took his turn at the Appointments Committee, Tuesday, for public hearing over his nomination.

He was answering a question posed by a member of the Committee, Hon. Osei Bonsu Amoah as to what he intends doing with people who have stolen the country’s money and deposited it in banks abroad.