The late dancehall artiste Ebony Reigns has landed a lucrative deal with Ghana Textile Printing Company Limited (GTP).

The Textile company clinched a major deal with Ebony Reigns’ team.

They will produce a line of clothing inspired by the singer which will be used for her funeral on March 17, 2018 and can be worn at other events.

The cloths would include brands such as ‘Maame Hwe’, Sponsor and Aseda. ‘Maame hwe’ is a funeral cloth which would be used for the singer’s funeral by music lovers, friends and family. Also the Aseda would be worn for the thanksgiving service.

However, the intent of the new designs according to the textile company is to create a new brand inspired by the artist.

GTP has unveiled the two brands (Maame hwe and Aseda). The other designs are set to be launched later this year.