EIB Network and Cylo Media Limited have begun partnership talks to bring cutting edge technology in digital content production and distribution.

The CEO of Cylo Media, Enzo Vailati, led his team from London, UK to Accra on Thursday, March 15, 2018 to familiarize with the operations of EIB Network, which owns seven radio stations, three TV networks and a newspaper.

EIB Network, which is Ghana’s fastest growing media outfit operates GhOne TV, Agoo TV, Fiesta TV, Heritage newspaper, Starr FM, Kasapa FM, Live FM, Agoo FM, Ultimate FM, Abusua FM, Empire FM and influential online platforms.

The CEO of EIB Network Nathan Kwabena Anokyi Adisi (Bola Ray) said he is “excited about the intended partnership because we believe that owning the digital space is the way forward.”

CEO of Cylo Media, Enzo Vailati, explaining a point at the meeting
CEO of Cylo Media, Enzo Vailati, explaining a point at the meeting

“We have to attack the digital space before it gets blown up in our faces, but we must always take into consideration synergy, which is key in terms of content production. The digital space and this sort of partnership provide a large opportunity for all of us,” he said.

Mr. Vailati said Ghana stands to gain a lot from the partnership with EIB Network.

“I’m very happy with this discussion because Cylo and EIB can do a lot. We have nice technology and together we can add more value to what you already have. We are going to give to Ghanaians something new and nice to enjoy more content and to make it easier to have more user experience,” Vailati noted.

“The world is changing and everything is going on broadband and devices. The future is mobile and we’re giving the opportunity to everyone to watch their preferred channel on mobile and listen on their phones in a classic way. We hope to help EIB Network in this direction. This means that more people will have access to content in Ghana,” the Cylo boss stressed.

On her part, the CEO of Roberta Annan Consulting Ltd, Roberta Annan, said they are excited to broker this “strategic partnership” between the two media outfits because of the immense benefits for Ghana.

General Manager in charge of Digital at EIB Network, Cox Tamakloe, explaining the digital vision of EIB

“I believe Cylo Media will be a great technical partner to EIB Network looking at your vision and where you want to go. I think you’re thinking far ahead of your competitors and technology plays a key role so they can take you there. We’re really happy to create this partnership,” she said.

The General Manager in charge of Digital at EIB Network, Cox Tamakloe, stated the network is going to provide solutions through bespoke digital content. “We’re really looking forward to transform the digital space and will create a variety of content in line with our business objectives,” he noted.