A regular entertainment pundit of Kasapa FM’s K-Entertainment show, Nana Tuffour has fired shots at gospel musician real name Samuel Opoku over the latter’s recent video of him performing a live recording of a song titled, ‘Nipa Fon’.

Tuffour said he least expected such a denigrating song from a gospel artiste he’s admired over the years for the contents of his worship songs.

According to the entertainment critics, he personally told the Gospel Minister that his unsuitable song has denigrated his personality and the entire gospel industry.

“In Ghana the two musicians I do admire so much and I always get furious with anybody who negatively criticizes them. Brother Sammy is one of them because I hardly listen what people say about him but the products they produce. If Brother Sammy has been baptized in water, I will recommend that he’s baptized again.

“I personally called Brother Sammy after he sent the controversial song to me, I told him that it is certainly uncalled for as gospel artiste to release a song to denigrate his attackers.”

Some of the lines go like this: ‘Nipa fon na ɔka nsɛm fon’ translating loosely as ‘it is the idiot who says foolish things or uses foul language’.

Again Brother Sammy says ‘Deɛ ne se aprɔ na ɔseɛ nipa’ also loosely meaning ‘it is the one with dental decay who destroys another.’

The minister had several Ghanaians casting aspersions on him due to the content of the song but few also applauded him for the same tune.