A middle aged woman has been spotted in a strange act of packaging food for sale at the Awudome Cemetery in Accra.

The woman whose identity is not known was seen wearing a hijab worn by some Muslim women doing her stuff at the far end of the cemetery.

She refused to give any tangible reason why she opted to package her food at the graveyard when interrogated by mourners who had come to the cemetery to bury their corpses.

Her dangerous action in such an unwholesome environment is a huge cause for concern as persons who consume her food risk contracting diseases.

It is currently not proven if she was given the authorization by caretakers of the Cemetery.

Health risks

It is a fact that the people patronizing such food from the graveyard are at increased risk of exposure to biohazards.

People who are dead and buried, died of various causes including infectious and contagious ones and therefore the likelihood that bacteria and micro-organisms would be released into the air and this could cause serious pollution.

The activities of such traders must be stopped while people are sensitised not to patronise such foods sold at the cemeteries.

See photos below.