Host of Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5Fm, Kojo Preko Dankwa is unhappy about the attitudes of some male gospel artistes portray in society.

The radio presenter has cautioned gospel artiste who publicly appear to be in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

According to him, such artiste’s should shun their questionable lifestyles so they do not lead God’s sheep astray.

Read below his full statement.

I am beginning to understand the reality behind gospel musicians in Ghana and maybe beyond. The perception about them being next to God because of their trade (Gospel music) is slowly going down the drain and loosing it’s effect on the larger gospel fraternity. There has been so many issues which one believes it was seen within the secular musicians. Drinking, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, “beefs”, fornication , homosexual among others were rather associated with the secular musicians but now you will agree with me that, it has changed dramatically and now has found itself amongst some of the gospel musicians.

I am not clean and morally right and I cannot judge someone also but at least to hear a gospel musician preaching God’s word to me through his or her songs and hoping to see me change yet they go about doing what he is preaching against or telling his followers to avoid. It’s not surprising again to find some gospel musicians and some preachers drink before mounting platforms to perform or preach. Other male gospel artistes engage in sexually activities with women they meet at programmes they attend.

I was amazed and shocked when I was approached by a victim of such circumstances. A gospel (male) musician sleeping with the said lady, impregnated her ,and asked her to abort the pregnancy because his career will be at stake if this shocking news get to the media.

This lady approached me, crying because the gospel musician told her to abort an almost 3-month pregnancy. The gospel musician followed the lady to the hospital to abort the pregnancy because of Fame and credibility in the eyes of his fans. Pressure from him (gospel musician) made the doctor fake the operation to abort the pregnancy because the victim health conditions was not and it’s not stable to go through such horrific torture.

The Gospel male musician promised to pay five thousand Ghana cedis, 15 GTP cloths to console the poor lady. The question many may ask is why would a whole gospel musician go through that and turn round to preach through worship songs and make it look like all is well,why leave a fake life and pretend.

This gospel musician has great songs, he is lyrically good and a great worshiper. My mind is not at peace and it will not until the canker and the nasty attitudes are shamed so they do not lead God’s sheep astray.

This gospel musician has been alleged to have been sleeping with women all in the name of doing God’s work. PRETENDERS!!!! Of our time . Almost every church he goes for program he makes sure he leaves a mark there not in Jesus name but his sexual desire to sleep with the church members.

This makes me believe that most gospel artistes only utilize their talents and not really what they preach which I mostly find happening with the secular musicians.


Can the gospel music stand the test of time?