The nominee for the position of Deputy Special Prosecutor, Cynthia Jane Naa-Koshie Lamptey, Wednesday, minced no words when she appeared before the Appointment Committee of Parliament that when sidelined in the discharge of her duties, she will resign.

She said it was not for nothing that she was appointed to occupy the position she has been nominated for.

Therefore, when her responsibilities are deliberately put on hold by her superior, she will have no option than to quit the job.

But before taking such a decision, she noted that she would first go to her superior to find out whether it was an oversight or deliberate in sidelining her.

“Hon. I will assure you that if I should face a situation or something like that, I will resign because I wasn’t put in that position just for cosmetics sake. I was put there to work and if you sideline me, I may even go to whoever it is to inform him that I am not working. May be it will be an oversight on the side of the person and he will come back to his senses. But if it is true then I will resign because I cannot be a puppet over there”, she posited.

Her comments were in relation to a question posed a member of the PAC, Dr. Bernice Heloo as to how she would handle such a situation when sidelined or not involved in the decision making process of the institution she has been nominated for.