Media Personality, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) is making lemonade out of lemon.

He has released T-Shirts bearing comments which made him the target of scorn on Social Media last weekend.

Darko was at the receiving end of harsh criticisms and name-calling for his comments about John Dumelo’s recent marriage, and what men look out for in women they want to settle down with.

“…Got me wondering why most men in the public eye settle for quiet/unknown women and not the ones all over. That could be a lesson for some of our sisters ooo. Men want women who can make a home and not be all over.” read a message by Darko in a now deleted Facebook post.

Actress Yvonne Okoro responsed to the message with a post on Instagram writing: “Kofi, @nineteen57bykod you could have congratulated the couple without needlessly denigrating other women. Who a man chooses to be with is a matter of personal preference and vice versa for women too. As you clearly believe that women should make all their life choices with marriage always being at the forefront of their minds, you should preach the same to men.”

The comments section of the post became a venting ground for a number of women including showbiz personalities who applauded the actress for calling out what they said is a “sexist” message by the radio host.

Photos of the T-Shirts below.