The parliamentary committee in Zimbabwe probing missing $15 billion diamond revenue has announced that its members have “resolved to meet former president Robert Mugabe at his private home instead of dragging him to parliament” for questioning.

The former President of Zimbabwe was expected to face Zimbabwe parliament’s committee probing his claim that some diamond revenues were stolen during his tenure.

The parliament of the Southern African country had summoned the former leader to give evidence on Wednesday but that would now take place in his Harare home, according to NewsDay.

Mr. Mugabe is to be questioned over his 2016 claim that the country lost $15 billion in income from diamonds due to corruption and foreign exploitation.

Mugabe’s own regime has been accused of siphoning off diamond profits, but the current parliament wants to get to the bottom of the missing $15 billion revenue.

A parliamentary notice for May 23 was released on Monday and read that “Subject to confirmation, oral evidence from His Excellency, the former president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, comrade RG Mugabe, on diamond mining revenues”.

Robert Mugabe was forced to resign from power in 2017 after a military takeover haven ruled the country for decades.

He was succeeded by Emmerson Mnangagwa who has vowed to restore the economic fortunes of the Southern African country.