In celebration of Mother’s Day in Ghana, we remember the women who fought for their belief and dared to excel in a male dominated society.  We celebrate our warriors, our mothers, whose actions changed history and those still shaping our society today.

“A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman’s work is never done.”

Undoubtedly, moms deserve to be celebrated because they’re always putting others ahead of themselves. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on all of her hard work.

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t just a day for celebrating your own mother. It’s a day for honoring all the women in your life who support and nurture you.

Sometimes, the best way to thank mom is with a simple and heartfelt message. Not all of us can write like Shakespeare, and it can be difficult to put our feelings into words.

On Mother’s Day I would want to focus on one simple Woman called Matilda Amissah- Arthur.

Mrs. Matilda Amissah –Arthur’s dedication to improving the lives of women is apparent in the numerous endeavors she has undertaken throughout her life as a Mother for many years.

The reach of her rural philanthropy work highlights the unique authority of the immediate Past Second Lady of Ghana in promoting important issues for citizens as a mother.

Her eagerness to build the “Breaking the Myth” platform to help Children and heir moms through her efforts and collaborative support underlines the critical need for capacity-building and sustainable partnerships to both implement and scale successful interventions for women and girls across Africa.

Flashback: Her Excellency Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur, the second lady of Ghana, chooses books on board Logos Hope.
Flashback: Her Excellency Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur, the former second lady of Ghana, chooses books on board Logos Hope.

She’s a care giver; she is a woman who has got strength, vision and foresight. She is highly innovative and does not slack in pursuing her mission in fulfilling her set goals. She is a good example of the woman in Proverbs 31:10-30.  I salute you on Mother’s day Mum.

Humanitarian actions of Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur are the visible effects of her deep commitment to improving the human condition, especially the generosity of a woman attentive to vulnerabilities and pain of humanity. That is the Mum.

On Mother’s Day, I want to take a look at the roles her work as a mother in the area of Humanitarian services have played.

Through the laudable efforts of her project as a mother – she has brought joy where tears had once been a daily diet, she has given hope where hopelessness had been an abiding companion, and she has restored a sense of self and endless possibilities where despondency had once held sway.

She is indeed a mum and a typical example for many women to follow and has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that she is a role model.

Working with Mama Tilly, as those of us close to her affectionately call her, I can say she’s an enigmatic personality exuding strength of character, bravery and courage, compassion and love, go-getter spirit, resilience, zeal and passion, and high intelligence.

From my records she has crisscrossed the length and breadth of Ghana to help in the advocacy for women, this is the zeal and passion with which she has pursued the empowerment of Ghanaian women.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur after her husband left office continues to be a care giver and raises awareness about the critical maternal issues in the country, in order to help raise awareness on maternal health for children and their mothers. As I continue to monitor her activities, out of office Mrs. Amissah-Arthur has continuously called for creating a culture of caring and commitment to education.

She has been working hard to contribute to the improvement of the welfare of our mothers and children through her own initiative and is working to increase access to quality maternal and infant health services in Ghana.

She has continued with her commitment to tour majority of the health centers in the country and has given hope to the less privileged in society and also to see to the welfare of sick children.

Through her Breaking the Myth NGO, she continues to champion the crusade against HIV/AIDS and stigmatization.

Once a Librarian always a Librarian. She has carried out extensive sensitization programs in the society laying emphasis on enrollment, retention and completion of children’s education.

Active woman

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, a professional librarian herself, and former President of the Association, is at the forefront by helping children in the country to advance social values and adopt reading as a habit. She organizes reading clinics for children.

She has made donations to critical medical facilities such as the Orthopedic Training Centre at Nsawam in the Eastern region, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Weija Leprosarium, HIV Centre in Koforidua. She has also put up a three classroom block for the Methodist Rafiki Village at Effutu Gyahadze.

Your Excellency Matilda Amissah-Arthur, continue with your good works for Mother Ghana. A virtuous woman well known and appreciated by all for her humanitarian services. She is a pragmatic woman of power and an administrator, a mediator, home builder, and a mother of the less privileged.

She’s a woman whose human, consultative, prudent and visionary intellect is unparalleled.

Thank you so much Mama Tilly – Happy Mother’s day.

By Maxwell Okamafo Asamani Addo