French President Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were coming to the end of a joint press conference Wednesday when Macron turned to thank his hosts for their hospitality. But it didn’t go as planned.

Macron, who prides himself on his ability to speak fluent English, set social media on fire with one simple word, “delicious.”

Macron thanked Turnbull and his wife Lucy for their hospitality during his visit.

“I want to thank you for your welcome, you and your delicious wife for the warm welcome,” Macron said.

The choice of words made many people question whether Macron, an advocate for gender equality, was actually making a comment on Lucy Turnbull’s appearance or if he was just struggling with his English.

A quick translation search of the French word “delicieux” showed it could translate to delicious when describing food, but it was more likely to mean delightful or lovely.

After the awkward ending to the press conference, the two leaders shook hands and smiled for photographs, looking to move past the funny mishap.