A Ghanaian drumming troop ‘WALA AFOↃ’ DRUMMING and DANCE ENSEMBLE has won a trophy during the African Drum Festival 2018 held in Abeokuta in Nigeria. The festival which is the third in the series was designed to promote Africa’s drum culture, rich cultural heritage and impact knowledge on various techniques of drumming.

The participating groups for the drumming competition included 20 Nigerian states, 14 African countries including Ghana. Other countries included Haiti, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago.
The Ghanaian troop participated in the three (3) day drumming competition under the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ghana Tourism Authority from 19th April to 21st April, 2018.

The Ghanaian troop led by Tevi Tete, international coordinator and Mustapha Issifu attracted a lot of spectators and dancers in Abeokata when they displayed the rich Ghanaian drumming with perfect rhythm which earned Ghana a trophy as one of the 5 best international drumming groups.

The Nobel Laureate and a Consultant for the African Drum Festival, Prof. Wole Soyinka, also remarked that rhythms from drums are enchanting. He further stressed that “There is nowhere that you don’t have one type of drum or the other on the African continent and if we are to revive our ideals and ideas as a continent, we must start with a culture that cuts across, which is drumming”.

The leaders of the drummer troop presented the Trophy to the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) on the 10th May, 2018 at a short ceremony and expressed their profound gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ghana Tourism Authority for their tireless effort in supporting them to attend this all important event. The Ag. Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms. Felicia Aniagyei, received the trophy on behalf of the Authority.

Mr. Tevi Tete, International Co-ordinator of WALA AFO), presenting the trophy to Ms. Felicia Aniagyei, Ag. Corporate Affairs Manager, GTA. Present are Mustafa Issifu of WALA AFO) (middle) and Messrs John Atta Kakra Kusi (2nd left) and Jones Aruna Nelson, (right), both of GTA Corporate Affairs Department.