The Founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jerry John Rawlings, has cautioned members of his party to respect the core values of which he stands for or forget ever bouncing back to winning power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to the former Ghanaian leader, he is what he is today because of the core values that he stands for, stressing that the party could replicate same if it wants to make itself more relevant to the people once again.

“When we speak of factionalism, let me repeat here that Jerry John Rawlings is not a faction and will never be. Love me or hate me that for our party to survive, the core values for what I stand for have to be respected and embraced. I am what I am because of those values. The NDC rose to national relevance due to those values. Reorganizing towards those values is the best bet towards our resurgence”, he noted.

Mr. Rawlings made this observation, Monday, when addressing party followers at the 39th anniversary celebration of the June 4th uprising which was held at the Madina Social Welfare School Park.

In the view of Rawlings, factionalism breads disunity, urging the party followers to be wary of such and rather unite towards election 2020.

He advised the youth of the party to stand against any factionalism in the party which was created by some people to perpetuate their own agenda.

“The core of our being are things that affect our lives. I said these values are not about Rawlings. Men and women sacrificed their lives to give meaning to those values. Our youth are the future of our party; the future of what we stand for. Our youth have to stand against factionalism created by some people to perpetuate their own agenda. Factionalism are intolerance of potential rivals which leads to disunity of the unity that we clamour for”, he stressed.