Rex Omar Kofi b AB Crentsil

Award winning producer, Wei Ye Oteng has said, veteran musicians like Rex Omar, Kofi B and AB Crentsil used to make the most profane songs.

In an interview on Zylofon Fm, Oteng said, the music legends made really profane songs but their contents were well-crafted and presented in a way an individual will think deeply before getting the meaning.

“Songs like ‘Mamebibinamendiansa’ by Kofi B and ‘Moses’ by AB Crentsil were extremely profane, they were ‘sex’ songs. But these people were wise and knew very well how to put those songs out. They wore their lyrics clothes so that it’d be difficult for little kids to interpret.” Oteng told SammyFlex.

He added that, things have taken the wrong turn lately because lyrics blatantly tell music lovers what the artiste want put out there, whether they are sex, murder, robbery or any other wrong doing.

“These new acts sing sex songs as and when they want. They don’t even try to hide certain vulgar words; they just say them raw like that. I think we’re gradually swaying away from enjoying original good contents in songs.” He added.

Giving his opinion on songs that contain abusive words or sex related songs, the CEO of DrumLine Studio advised that such songs should be deprived of being aired till after 8pm. Adding that, playing such songs during day time influence children.


BY: Elikem Prince Akoenyenu.