The suspended Chief Accountant of the Electoral Commission (EC)  has petitioned the President through his lawyers for his reinstatement in order to be able to carry out a supposed recommendation made in respect of him by the Chief Justice’s committee tasked to investigate the Petition against the former EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei and her two deputies.

It emerged during the CJ committee probe that an amount of ghc 360,000.00 Ghana cedis in cash, which is in a Ghana-must-go [bag]  is sitting with the interdicted Chief Accountant.

The monies according to reports was paid to Amadu Sulley by political parties as proceeds of the 2015 primaries.

It will be recalled that the interdicted Chief Accountant was ordered by the Economic Organized Crime Office (EOCO) to proceed on leave when they commenced investigations into alleged corrupt practices at the Commission.

But in a 5-page petition to the President and copied to the Attorney General, which has been intercepted by, the EC Chief Accountant, Kwaku Owusu Agyei-Larbi, reveals that the sum of three hundred and sixty thousand Ghana cedis (ghc 360,000.00) handed to him by the former Deputy EC Chairman, Amadu Sulley, is currently sitting in his office and that he is the only one who has the combination security lock and unlock code for the Safe.


Chief Justice’s Committee Report

On page 34 of the report of the Chief Justice’s Committee that recommended the removal of the EC Chair and her two deputies, it was also submitted that “Mr. Kwaku Owusu – Larbi, the Chief Accountant be made to pay to the Commission the amount of GHc 360,000.00 he admitted had been in his custody in his office since 2016. If he is not able to pay the said amount to the EC, we recommend that he is charged with stealing”.

The Details

The embattled Chief Accountant of the EC in his petition said “the amount of money (360,000.00) was only brought to into his office for safekeeping by the Assistant Director Of Electoral Services because it is only his office that has a secured safe at the Commission.

The disbursement or purpose of the funds are solely known to the Assistant Director Of Electoral Services”.

The petitioner added that “if EOCO were to revoke it’s directive that asked him to proceed on leave, he’s ready and willing to go back into his office and make the said amount of money deposited in his care available to the commission”.

Request for Intervention

According to the petition of the Chief Accountant to the President, he made a three point prayer to the President for his intervention as follows; firstly, “that the directives of the EOCO asking him to proceed on leave be revoked or vacated and that he should be recalled to resume his lawful duties at the EC.

Secondly, that he be allowed to resume work at his office to retrieve the cash of GHc 360,000.00 and the sum of GHc 72,430.00 for onward deposit into a designated account of the EC.

Lastly, the petitioner requested “that the State Security is also directed to provide protection and adequate surveillance at his offices at the EC pending his resumption of work since by his petition, the location of the funds being kept in his safe is now revealed”.

– Wilberforce Asare