Through the theme “Africa in the Digital Age: Youth Bridging Physical Integration through ICT”, the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) recognizes the fact that an innovative and connected Africa can only be fully realized if the continent takes advantage of its human resources which are characterized by a large population of the youth.

‘’Thei-Boot Camp, where the i serves as a reminder that at YALDA we are here to inspire youth to innovate and implement ideas that will have a positive impact on our beloved African continent”

The camping will therefore create a platform whereby the youth can propose innovative strategies beyond conventional approaches that take into consideration rapid digitisation when implementing their ideas. YALDA seeks to support state-level processes by enhancing the continent’s innovation through a bottom-top process that places the youth at the center of rapid digitisation through social entrepreneurship, mentorship, and youth engagement programs.

The YALDA 2018 i-Boot Camp will be held from 24th.– 28th.October, 2018 and will  engage and empower 350 youth to build viable and sustainable digitally savvy enterprises across African borders in a high intensity and fast-paced environment, thereby enhancing rapid digitization from the bottom-up. The i-Boot Camp will incorporate YALDA’s previous i-Boot Camp structures encompassing four key areas:

  • Industry specific panel discussions;
  • IDEA labs; workshops focused on refining ideas and refining skills, and
  • Site visits to youth-led projects and businesses acrossMorocco.


  • Delegates will be given an opportunity to present their unique ideas to industry experts for constructive feedback during the industry panel sessions, in which they will also receive further leads for more support in the idea implementation stage
  • Some of the best ideas/initiatives under the respective panels will be rewarded with a sponsorship package to kick-start the initiative in the community of the winner while promoting the very theme of the i-Boot Camp
  • Delegates will have an opportunity to network with Africa’s leading professionals across various sectors and build relationships with their peers from different countries

THE MEDIA :As communication is a very vital part of rapid digitisation, we want to ensure that all brilliant ideas from all over the continent are extensively covered by both local and international media and shared online through the various social media and that language is not an impediment. All documents and summary presentations will be available in multiple languages.

E-PARTICIPATION : Additionally, YALDA will continue to offering e-participation that we recently offered at the YALDA 2016 i-Boot Camp that was held in Cameroon. This will allow delegates who are unable to travel for whatever reason the chance to register and participate online through audio live streaming, video streaming, online communications/feedbacks including live feeds on various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, MindMixers andVimeo

OBJECTIVES: YALDA’s objective for organizing this year’s i-Boot Camp in Rabat Morocco is centered majorly on these key areas:

  • To GenerateInnovative Ideas; wherein young people across Africa would be encouraged to cultivate the willingness to actively use the internet to seek solutions for challenges faced by their communities, nations andregions and also provide digital tools for young people to facilitate creativity and to think out of thebox.
  • To Develop Concrete Implementation Strategies forIdeas;This wouldenable young people to receive feedback from their peers and professionals on the implementation progress of theirideas, provide meaning analysis, constructive critiques about their business ideas and Assist in the development of tangible goals to ensure careful project or business planning that clearly articulates the critical assumptions key to the success of the initiative.
  • ToUp-Skill;where delegates would be equip with the necessary skills to capacitate them for the digital development of their own business/socialenterprises.Give delegates the opportunity to develop mind-sets conducive to pursuing their objectives. And also give participants online tools that will enable them to share their i-Boot Camp experiences with their fellow peers long after the i-BootCamp
  • To Expose toResources;Award the best ideas with funding and other resources so the participants can implement their ideas immediately following the i-BootCamp.Give participants access to potential technical advisors for the successful guidance and capacity building needed in the effective implementation of theirinitiatives
  • To Network; Foster respect, appreciation, and a spirit of collaboration between young people of diversebackgrounds. Provide a range of opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships with peers andprofessionals.

YALDA believe the crux of this i-Boot Camp is to enable young Africans to take advantage of the rapid digitisation occurring all over the continent and ultimately, to have an Africa developed by Africans. Creating awareness is the strongest foundation for prosperity. Thus, by sharing lessons from past experiences and developing enterprises to address the technological advancements that are being made and can be made in the future, young people will be instrumental in strengthening digital development and synchronising efforts for a technologically integrated Africa thereby contributing to the prosperity of our Africancontinent!