President of National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Mr. Angel Carbonu, has expressed his opinion on how irrelevant he finds auditing payrolls in the country.

According to him, there have been no important outcome from Payroll Audits that have been done in the past years.

“This Payroll Audit will be no different from the previous ones. In the previous years, Controller and Accountant General has conducted several payroll audits, always requesting for certificates, promotion letters and all sort of things. And there have also been rumors that some teachers are ‘ghost’ but get paid. Amazingly, there has not been even one ‘ghost’ arrest. All I’m asking is that, they should provide the substantial proof of importance on what they’ve done in the previous years and how much they’ve been able to save for the country.” He said on Neat FM.

Mr. Carbonu also warned that, the authorities should stop disturbing working firms with this Payroll Audit exercise and make them focus on how to produce effectively until they provide names of ‘ghost’ paying workers.

The Ghana Audit Service together with the Office of the Special Prosecutor is set to conduct a Payroll Audit exercise from 17th July, 2018.

This exercise which objective is to eliminate and provide a proper check on ghost names reported to be existing in government’s payroll will start from the Central Region. It will ensure appropriation of resources and proper discipline in the premise of government companies.

BY: Elikem Prince Akoenyenu.