Former President John Agyekum Kufuor says he feels like a seer or a prophet that he took a wise decision a decade ago which has made Vodafone Ghana become more stronger and buoyant in the Telecom industry.

According to to him, the current standing of Vodafone ranked as the second biggest after Telecom giant MTN shows that government is still optimizing the good decision he took some ten years ago when he offloaded majority government shares in the then Ghana Telecom.

This is the umpteenth time former President Kufuor has justified the decision he took under his regime concerning then Ghana Telecom now rebranded as Vodafone.

In 2014, he indicated that he’ll repeat that executive decision a hundred time if given the opportunity again.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 10th Anniversary of Vodafone Ghana, Former President Kufuor maintained that he made a wise decision years back.

“There was a lot of criticisms when a government I led decided to give the concession to Vodafone. Thankfully, within the past ten years, I believe that the step we took we have been vindicated such that now, as I sit here, I feel a bit like a seer, a prophet for deciding on Vodafone”.