A former Deputy Minister of Information, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has sued Pauline Dadzawa, a Commissioner at the Electoral Commission for defamation over claims that he pocketed $6 million out of some $12 million meant to bribe some officials at the election management body.

The EC Commissioner in a leaked audio-tape claimed that he[Kwakye Ofosu] received an amount of $12 million which was supposed to be given to EC officials during the 2016 elections but kept half of the amount and gave the other half to the removed EC Chairperson Charlotte Osei, when he realised that the NDC was going to lose the elections.

Early on the former government official under the Mahama regime refuted the allegations insisting there were no iota of truth in the matter as being claimed by the EC Commissioner warning her to retract the slanderous statement made against him in 24hrs , or face a legal action.

“As far as I’m concerned I have served adequate notice to her that I’ll take her on legally. I have not heard from her three days ago since I issued that public statement. And I give her today, Monday if I still don’t hear any retraction from her I’ll go ahead and file a defamation suit. I’m not obliged to reach her. She has every responsibility to reach me and offer explanations or better still offer some apologies. She has a responsibility towards me and she’s failed to do so. ”

He’d insisted in a Press Statement that, “at no time before, during or after the 2016 elections, was he given money by anyone from his party for the purpose described by the EC Commissioner, hence the civil suit filed against Dadzawa at the Accra High court.