A senior lecturer at the University of Ghana Political Science Department, Professor Ransford Gyampo has said no amount smear campaign against him by some politicians and their assigns will stop him from remaining a neutral political analyst and making objective analysis of political happenings in the country.

According to him, he wields double edged swords which cuts both ways and has resolved to speak his mind on issues dispassionately, saying he’s resolute in his resolve no matter the strenuous attempts by his detractors to pull him down.

Prof. Gyampo who’s also the Head of the Centre for European Studies, has been variously accused of either being sympathetic to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and bias in his analysis, depending on which of the parties is in power.

He was accused by one Ben Kweku Andrew on Facebook of allegedly giving out grades to female students in exchange for good sex in  his office, which allegation went viral, but subsequently, the accuser apologized to Prof. Gyampo.

Prof Gyampo in an interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday explained that, the reason for the malicious allegations was that he’d criticized a political party and his detractors felt putting sexual allegations on him was a way of shutting him up.

He added that he expects more on such spurious allegations against him once he’s decided to remain neutral in Ghana’s political affairs.

“Because I’d criticized a political party so somebody just went on to say that. I didn’t really mind but at a point in time I felt that I needed to redeem my own name…It didn’t get to me because I’ve chosen a particular path that I want to follow. I want to be a neutral person and in so doing I see myself wielding a double edged sword and so I anticipate that people would want to pull you down and do all manner of things to you.

“So I even expect worse and I’ve told politicians and so many other people that the worst a politician can do is to kill me, but me I don’t even fear to die. If you die you’re gone….I’m even expecting worse but I’ll do my work. I saw these things as distraction I didn’t really bother but at a point in time I felt I had to redeem the name of the institution I work with and so I wanted to go to court. But the person came to apologize and it was circulated in the news.”