Erstwhile Gambian president Yahya Jammeh may have left office over a year now but news around him continues to develop every now and then.

As part of the most recent offshoots of his ouster, Jammeh in a leaked tape is talking of staging a comeback to the country he ruled for over two decades till January 2017.

His mothers’ death in exile and her subsequent repatriation to the Gambia for burial has also dominated local media in the part week.

There has been lots of news articles, features and analysis surrounding his ouster and even life in exile. The call for justice for the excesses of his regime also continues to make the headlines every now and then.

The latest Jammeh-linked development is a thirty-minute documentary detailing the efforts that human rights defenders invested in ensuring his reign came to an end via the democratic process.

Incidentally, the film, We Never Gave Up: Stories of Courage in Gambia, will be premiered in London on Monday August 13, 2018. It was produced by Louise Hunt and Jason Fabio for international rights group, Amnesty International.

“This thirty minute documentary highlights the testimony of those Human Rights Defenders, men and women that decided to take a stand for human rights during the Jammeh era. The film describes their fears, theirs frustrations and their motivations.

“This story of Gambian HRDs is a story of courage, story of resistance, a story of brave people that firmly believe in human rights and that are able to fight and risk their lives for them,” the website promoting the event wrote.