The #EndTramadolAbuse campaign will officially be launched on August 10.

The launch will be held at the Eusbett Hotel, Sunyani as part of activities marking International Youth Day Celebration under the theme ‘Safe spaces for the youth.’

It will serve as a start for a nation wide campaign against the abuse of tramadol amongst the youth.  The GhOneTV team led by News Editor, Nana Aba Anamoah are already in the town ahead of the launch.

In July 2018, EIB Network and the National Youth Alliance (NYA) signed a memorandum of understanding as part of efforts to help the campaign.

Emmanuel Asigri, Chief Executive Officer of NYA disclosed that the authority will facilitate the construction of rehabilitation centers across the country to help addicts.

“That’s one thing we don’t have in this country,” he stated and that according to experts he had spoken with “we can do whatever it is; the education, trying to get the people out of it, if we don’t have a rehabilitation centers where we can take these people through and then bring them out it is really going to be very difficult for them to get out of it completely.”

Chief Executive Officer of EIB Network Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi also promised that all units of the company will be used to support the campaign.

“From day one we have taken this up because we believed that we have to spearhead. It is a national, I don’t want to call it a disaster but clearly, it is something that’s hurting the nation. When ‘State of Affairs’ in that respect GhOne TV, took upon itself to highlight the abuse of this drug we all welcomed it.”

The effects of Tramadol has been extensively highlighted on GhOneTV‘s ‘State of Affairs’ hosted by Anamoah in the past few months.

The launch is a partnership between EIB Network and National Youth Alliance (NYA.)