The Nobel International Business School (NiBS) has today launched the first-ever Digital Strategy in Action Report. Launched in the auditorium of the plush Ecobank Head Office in Accra, the report chronicles digital strategy development and implementation as pertains to current Ghana Club 100 businesses in the country.

The emphasis on Ghana Club 100 companies is due to the perception that listed companies have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavor and have made unique contributions to the Ghanaian economy through successful enterprise building.

The Digital Strategy in Action report highlights the unique features of companies in both the financial and non- financial sectors and explains the peculiar nature of digital strategy formulation and implementation that applies to both sectors. It also highlights the role of CEOs in the digitization process, while uniquely uncovering processes that place the responsibility of championing the digital strategy on the CEO.

In a welcome address delivered on behalf of the Managing Director of Ecobank, Dan Sackey, the Regional Head of Operations and Technology at Ecobank, Mr.  Sam Yaro, indicated that Ecobank is always proud to support research and innovations. He emphasized that digitization is the way to go for organizations who plan into the future.

He intimated that the report has the potential to demystify and also encourage the acceptance of digitization which has direct positive impact on business development. Mr. Yaro further mentioned that the report is timely and provides great insights for adoption by forward thinking companies, as they work to maintain relevance in the fast-paced business environment of today.

The utilization of the Digital Strategy Competence Scorecard and the Digital Strategy Sophistication Evaluation Framework which are presented in the report, will assist companies ascertain their prospects and growth in terms of digitization to know whether or not they are covering the necessary ground and what steps to take in order to remain relevant in the years ahead.

Professor Kwaku Atuahene Gima, President and Executive Dean of NiBS spoke on the purpose of the research, methodology used and its impact on business while Dr. Sheena Lovia Boateng, an Associate Professor of NiBS took members through the report and its findings.