Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Ernest Henry Norgbey has advised aggrieved farmers in New Abirem in the Eastern Region to take legal actions against the Police Service after some farmers were allegedly shot by the police during a peaceful demonstration.

“These people must take this matter to the law court, at least they have to sue the government or they have to sue the police service for causing harm and then panic in the community”.

The demonstration, which was against mining giants Newmont, went bad as police fired rubber bullets and tear gas, injuring five farmers in their bid to disperse them.

Speaking in condemnation of the police action, the member of the Interior Committee in Parliament said “This incident are becoming too many in the country, it is posing national insecurity to the citizens.”

He added: “If citizens are demonstrating, they have the right to demonstrate and I don’t see the reason why there should be a shooting just to disperse a crowd with life bullet against citizens who are demonstrating legally to sell out their plight and to make sure authorities hear of them and then solve their problem for them.”

He bemoaned the silence of the IGP and the interior minister in condemning the action verbally, so as to assure the farmers of utmost police protection.

“When such things happen in the communities, we will be of the view that the IGP or the interior minister will come out to say something or to explain something to the community, so that it will calm them down that this is the situation we have found ourselves in and we are trying to solve the situation for them but if nothing of that nature is done, the IGP does not come out, the interior minister also does not come out to tell them anything, they will also be pissed.”

Mr. Norgbey has promised to assist the farmers by getting them a capable lawyer to help get justice from police brutality.

“If they want assistance, some of us are willing to help them get justice because we can’t continue in this country like this, we must put a stop to this activities…..the police force is supposed to be protecting the civilian not to be creating fear and panic and even injuring the civilian for right.”

By: Alex Semordzi