Mrs. Christine-Marie Nyantakyi, wife of former GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi believes her husband was put under a spell by the persons who entrapped him into receiving bribe captured in the Number 12 documentary by undercover Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The much talked about investigative piece unearthed deep rooted corruption among personalities in Ghana football where referees and match officials were captured on tape receiving various sums of monies as bribes to compromise fairness of soccer matches.

Kwasi Nyantakyi, made the headlines for the wrong reasons after a sting operation by undercover Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas captured him on videos negotiating a deal with businessmen and accepting a bribe of $65,000 to help establish an oil business in his native country.

He was also filmed while negotiating how to create a fake agency to pocket 20 per cent of a supposed five-year sponsorship deal for the Ghana Premier League worth $15 million. He would’ve been $3.7 million richer if everything had gone as planned.

Mr Nyantaky is currently under investigations by the CID.

However speaking to Paul Adom Otchere on Good Evening Ghana show, Christine Nyantakyi stated that her husband was put under a spell.

“I’ve not gathered the courage to watch the full video because the small that I watched I knew that, that is not my husband, the way he’s talking that’s not my husband something must have gone wrong so I’ve not had the courage to watch the full video.

Something like what, alcohol, the host asked? she responded: “I don’t know what they did to him, my husband is a very skeptical person you don’t just get him to follow you or do things like that,”

So incantations, juju, medicine the host Paul Adom Otchere quibbed? She answered “Yeah”

Mrs. Christine-Marie Nyantakyi also revealed that her husband paid $100, 000 in bid to stop the public screening of the Number 12 documentary by Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

“Well, there’s information, and there’s truth in that information. Apparently, we became so desperate when we realized that all that they presented to us were false, so we tried to make some interventions, and they proposed that he pays some money.

“They proposed $150,000; my husband couldn’t afford it, so he gave out $100,000 dollars, and they came back to him and said the person says you need to add $50,000, and he said well, I don’t have it; that’s all that I have,” Mrs Nyantakyi disclosed.

But she stated that the said amount was paid back in two tranches after the documentary was screened.

“They brought $40,000 first; and then later on, they brought $60,000 dollars. I have not gathered the courage to watch the full video, because the small that I watched, I knew that the way he is talking; that is not my husband; something might have gone wrong.”

Nyantakyi was a fortnight ago banned for life by the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s Ethics Committee after the screening of the investigative piece by the undercover Journalist.

A release from FIFA stated that during this time, Mr Nyantakyi is banned from all football activities at both national and international level (administrative, sports or any other). The ban comes into force immediately.