Ghanaian actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo has shared his opinion that it is Biblical to give tithes to the underprivileged in society than the church.

The actor who was doubtful asked if it is wrong to give his tithes out to the needy on the streets so they could also have a better life.

John Dumelo posted on his Twitter page; “I give my tithe to the needy most of the time. I think they need it more than the ‘church’. I don’t know if it’s wrong”.

But, few minutes after his post turned a heated debate on his Twitter page, the actor has since deleted the post.

Christians in Ghana, and perhaps other parts of the world, are divided on the issue of paying tithes. One school of thought holds that paying of tithes should be practised by every Christian. Another school of thought opines that paying of tithes is not Christian and consequently, Christians should lay emphasis on Thanksgiving and not tithe-paying.