A concerned customer of Menzgold is doubtful the embattled company will pay its customers their accrued extra values as it has promised a month ago.

Ama, who has been doing business with the firm for several months until the company was asked to shut down its Gold vault trading by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in August, is accusing the company of constantly shifting position on how its intends paying their monies.

Menzgold in a statement issued by the Head of Communications, Nii Amarh Amerteifio in October said customers who wish to terminate their investment transaction will receive the full amount of their investment in 90 days if the ongoing misunderstanding with statutory institutions is resolved.

“Should Menzgold succeed in reaching an amicable resolution with the authorities, customers wishing to continue trading with Menzgold are free to exercise the option of continuing to trade with us. Similarly customers wishing to terminate their business with Menzgold are free to do so and should be rest assured of their full payment in 90-days as stipulated…”

Contrary to the latest release which indicates that “As stated in the 8th Oct. 2018 press release, that in a month following the above date, a percentage shall be determined and paid to traders as a way to mitigate their economic distress, in as much as the intent was to pay off after 90 days. As promised, we are glad to indicate that, fifteen percent (15%) off the initial gold collectibles values committed to the buying and selling on the Menzgold “Gold Vault Market” would start on the 9th November, 2018.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa Fm, Ama asserted the back and forth posture of the company would only cause more agitations among customers, adding that there is enough indication that the company will have it tough paying its customers.

“For me I think the company per their press releases have indicated it doesn’t have the capacity to make full payment of what they owe us. They should just be honest with us because if I tell you the amount of monies people have there, you will marvel” she said.

She added that “I sometimes get scared that I have actually lost my money. Because we were all expecting that they will make full payment of our monies after the 90 days period they indicated in their earlier press release but where from the 15% too”.

Meanwhile, CEO of the Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah will today address customers through a radio interview on Zylofon Fm.

By: Alex Semordzi