The Teacher Trainee Association of Ghana(TTAG) has disputed claims by the Ministry of Education that it has agreed that newly -trained teachers will be posted by the National Service Scheme in Association in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service  and the National Teaching Council(NTC).

The National Service Scheme(NSS) is to handle the postings of newly-trained teachers in consultation with the Ghana Education Service and the National Teaching Council, the Ministry of Education has said in a release.

By this, the probation, induction and national service period would take place concurrently, the official statement from the Ministry noted.

The arrangement, according to the Ministry comes after its meeting with the various teacher trainee groups  including the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana(TTAG), Teacher and Trainees Advocacy(TTA), and Coalition of New Trained Teachers(CNTT).

But TTAG in a statement later, denied submitting to such arrangement in the said meeting saying “we would like to state categorically that the said statement does not represent the true outcome of the meeting. There was no sort of agreement as stated in the press release from the Ministry of Education.”

Meanwhile it said it’ll be“meeting GES also for insight” while it urged all newly trained teachers to “refrain from registering for national service.”