Head of Zylofon Arts Club, Willi Roi has revealed that the intention of the Chief Executive Officer of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah was to sign major Ghanaian artistes to support his parent company, Menzgold.

Many entertainment pundits who realized that fast-growing multimedia entertainment company do not pay particular attention to promising artistes but only interested in signing the already known artists who have built a strong music brand both in Ghana and beyond have on many times asserted that the Music record label was using the already established artistes to promote their other unpopular brands and businesses.

Confirming this, the outspoken music producer with over forty-five (45) years of experience said Nana Appiah Mensah knew musicians signed by the outfit were in no way going to make good returns from sales of their records to pay for the money invested into their careers.

Roi further revealed on Kasapa Entertainment, hosted by Kojo Preko Dankwa that Zylofon Media achievements within a short period after its emergence were all done on experimental bases which has never been done in Ghana.

According to him, Nana Appiah Mensah was more focused on investing in endorsement and setting up a music record label to manage the musicians signed but the in balance was that the artistes signed were more interested in the monies they were getting from the endorsements.

“We knew that the luckiest people in this industry were just this few people signed because the thinking of the man [NAM 1] was the endorsement angle of his products. He knew you [musicians] weren’t going to sell records enough to pay him. It was a strategy we chose because I understand that endorsement is a very essential component in any artist development.
“We were doing an experiment that has never been done in this country before. The man [NAM 1] was investing in endorsements and setting up a record company to handle the artistes. So the in-balance was that artists were more interested in the monies they were getting from the endorsement more than focusing on the label. They weren’t really interested because they are indes [Independent].” Willie Roi reveals on Kasapa Entertainment

Willie Roi asserted that Zylofon signed artistes have benefitted greatly from the record label.

“Because of the endorsement money given to Stonebwoy, he was able to do a world tour and record with Sean Paul and other big artists. When I send Stonebwoy’s catalogue outside, every musician wants to record with him.” Willie Roi told Kojo Preko Dankwa on Kasapa 102.5FM

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Zylofon media is a fast-growing multimedia entertainment company in Ghana. The firm aims at producing quality local content in the entertainment industry that can compete on an international level with other contents worldwide.

They dwell in the creative arts industry with emphasis on producing international standards work and also give local artists platforms to expound on their talents. Over their period of operation, Zylofon media owner has signed some of the major artists in Ghana under his label.

Zylofon media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, has made juicy deals with some of the Zylofon media artists.

The Zylofon media CEO biography features him as the owner of Menzgold company and other establishments in the country.

Below is the list of some of the Zylofon media Ghana artists who are currently under the company:

1. Shatta Wale

The dancehall king was offered a juicy deal with included a brand-new house and a car as part of the deal. Zylofon media owner’s cars awarded him with an expensive Rolls Royce. The firm is in charge of all the distribution, marketing, branding and production of the dancehall king’s songs.


He was unveiled during a ceremony held at the Zylofon Media headquarters in East Legon. Zylofon media CEO lauded the efforts that the artist had put in expanding and growing his talent. However, details pertaining to the deal were not disclosed to the public. The firm assumes the role of production, marketing, promotion and branding of the artist’s music.

3. Becca

The songstress was unveiled close to her 10th year anniversary in the music industry. She was delighted about the deal as she vowed to put in the effort to produce quality music and make the deal a fruitful one. The Zylofon media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, confessed that they were impressed as a brand by the quality and talent that the songstress had.

4. Kumi Guitar

Kumi Guitar signed a 5-year deal with the firm which will see Zylofon media take control of all the production, distribution, marketing and branding of the artists’ songs. As part of the deal, Zylofon media awarded him a 2016 customized Hyundai Sonata and a signing fee of $100,000. He also was gifted with a 3-bedroomed house.

5. Joyce Blessing

The only gospel artist signed on the Zylofon Music label landed a 4-year contract during a ceremony at the Zylofon media headquarters in East Legon. She was also given a Hyundai Sonata and accommodation. The company is now in charge of production, promotion, marketing and distribution of the artist’s work.

6. Obibini

The only rapper signed on to the label. He was awarded a juicy deal.

The Movie department of the company signed five movie stars. The five – James Gardiner, Bibi Bright, Toosweet Annan, Zynnell Zuh and Benedicta Gafah were unveiled at a ceremony at the Zylofon Media headquarters in Accra.