The National Women’s Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Hanna Louisa Bissiw has vowed to strike down any medical drone that flies over her head when the equipment is eventually operationalized in the country.

According to the Veterinary Doctor by profession, the least she can do to show her disapproval for the equipment will be to scream whenever she sights the drones.

Dr, Bissiw made what many have described as an absurd statement when she claimed that the government’s medical drones services when operationalized in Ghana will clandestinely take pictures of naked rural women as the equipment fly over them in their roofless bathrooms.

“Those drones have cameras in them. So I am telling Nana-Addo and Bawumia that the drone they are bringing, which can take pictures, and has someone sitting behind computer and navigating it in villages in the name of supplying blood, we know CHPS compounds do not offer blood.

“That thing can take pictures and so when it passes by your village and your bathroom, it will take pictures. So the men listening to me, those drones can take pictures of your naked wives when they are bathing because in the villages our bathrooms are not covered. So they can take pictures of your naked breasts and butts.  We know those drones can take pictures but we don’t want the drones, we  want those vans that John Mahama was using to supply blood, those vans were effective and helpful,”  Bissiw said this Saturday at Asamankese in the Eastern Region during a Party for Constituency Women Organisers and widows in the region by the Regional Women Organiser Shirley Naana Osei Ampem.

But in a sharp response, the Director General of the Ghana Health Services, Dr. Nsiah Asare described her comments as nothing but vile propaganda, adding that the medical drones are not fixed with cameras hence cannot take pictures.

However, Dr. Hannah Bissiw in an interview with Kasapa News Tuesday stated that she remained resolute in her claims that the medical drones will invade the privacy of women.

“What we the women need is good roads, ambulances, that the CHPS compounds ex President Mahama built must be equipped and staffed with nurses so that we can be taken better care of when we need healthcare in our rural areas. Most of these CHPS compunds don’t have the capacity of infusing blood to patients and so what will be the use of the medical drones?

“I haven’t seen any privacy policy from government, my knowledge of drones is that they are fixed with cameras to take pictures and so if I see the drones flying over my head and I’m not able to strike it down, I’ll make a lot of noise. I’ve told my mother and other women about this drone. The government should come out with its privacy policy document for us to know that we’ll be safe having these drones flying over our heads.”