Ghana Link Services Limited has denied allegations that it cloned existing software belonging to the GCNET and WestBlue.

“Ghana Link has not launched any new system. It was the Government Technical
Implementation Committee that invited us to do a presentation of the entire proposed UNIPASS system to them together with our technical partners; CUPIA. This we did and they were very satisfied. They subsequently requested that we
start the transition process from the 1st of January 2019, as the agreement
between the government of Ghana and West Blue was ending by the 31st of
December 2018”, a management staff of Ghana Link who wanted to remain anonymous said in an interview.

According to the staffer, the software was procured from Korean Customs Services(CUPIA) and payments had already commenced in July 2018 via Bank of Ghana.

“We were also asked to assist, which we obliged. So, where from the allegation
that we have cloned a software?” the management team quizzed.

The staffer noted that GRA and Customs know UNIPASS more than anybody so
Ghana Link could not have provided a duplicate of a system government was
already doing away with when it had paid millions of dollars to purchase the
software and hardware to implement the project.

“Ignore West Blue, they always lose. Just last month we won a Court case against them but the most important thing is that Ghana Link would not clone a rejected system,” the management staff of Ghana Link insisted.