A Student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism noted to be ‘highly connected’ is reported to be threatening fellow students making people afraid of him on campus.

The student is reported threatening students with their academic work and even graduation by promising to get management to frustrate the graduation of students and possibly get them sacked all in a bid to settle personal scores.

The recent case is where the student, Kabu Nartey, a level 400 Journalism student is alleged to have vowed to use his powers as an SRC nominee to the Academic Review Committee to make sure that one Evans Mawuli Manso’s graduation does not see the light of the day.

This was on the backdrop of allegedly derogatory comments made by Mawuli against the SRC president which attracted resentments from Kabu Nartey who phoned Mawuli to threaten him on his graduation.

The Institute for sometime now has been on the radar of many over transparency in the award of classes to graduands and this brings the school’s Academic system to question on the award of classes to students. There are some students who believe this process is done unfairly pointing to some foul play among the powers within in the award of grades to settle individual scores on campus.