Newly crowned world’s IBF Lightweight Champion, Richard Oblittey Commey, has kicked against a possible future clash with Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe for his title.

The Bukom native became Ghana’s 9th World Boxing Champion at the Ford Center at the Star in Dallas, Frisco,Texas last Saturday . He stopped his Russian opponent Isa Chaniev via a TKO decision in the 2nd round of their scheduled 12 rounds for the vacant IBF title.

There were possible opponents being thrown out before last Saturday’s bout in the event that he wins. Chiefly amongst those names were Vasyl Lomachenko and Emmanuel Tagoe (currently ranked number 12 by the IBF and 4th by the WBO) from same DiBella stable.

Commey, however, in his post-bout interview with EIB Network’s Adam Adjei flatly kicked against fighting his Ghanaian counterpart.

“Have you seen two Ghanaians fighting for the same World Title? No. I wouldn’t even want to fight him. Ghana needs more World titles and so there is no point fighting him for my title. I worked so hard for this and if he really wants this he should also go through the hard way just as I did.

“I know he is good and thankfully he is also signed to DiBella entertainment so he can do it. Ghanaian boxers are known for winning World Titles so I pray he also gets another title for Ghana,” Commey stated.

His manager Michael Amo Bediako also alludes to the fact that it is not a possibility worth considering now.

“At the moment they are on a totally different path. No disrespect to Emmanuel Tagoe but he is not on the level of Richard Commey at this moment. And that’s no disrespect to him whatsoever. That’s just my opinion. He has not reached the height of Richard Commey yet, he might well do and when he does we can look at that but at this moment in time Richard Commey is a World Champion,” the manager stressed.

Commey is expected later this week in Ghana to a heroic welcome.

Source: Adjei/USA