C.E.O of S.K. Boafo Group of Companies Dr. Seth Kwame Boafo has said it is high time individuals shared responsibility in growing the economy rather than relying on the government as the government can not shoulder all the responsibilities.

According to him, the growth of every economy depends on the private sector but the total working force by government is only 4% which means for the economy to grow, it will depend on the individual in the private sector.

Speaking to Kwame Koranteng on Agoo FM’s ‘Ene Nso Biom’, Dr. S.K. Boafo was quick to add that, the president has the will power to develop the country.

He said if the economy can grow, government must be strategic by creating jobs. He gave an example that if the government notices the kind of car brand the people like; the government must make sure an assembly plant of the manufacturer is established in the country to create more jobs instead of going to purchase the car from the country of origin huge import duties.

Dr. Boafo said goods which are imported without passing through the normal procedure also affect the country’s taxation.

However, responding to the president’s comment about not going to Dubai for tourism, he said if the tourism back home is promoted, people will be interested in visiting Ghanaian sites than going outside.